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The cutest, wittiest, and most honest type of girl who strives to make everybody's day.
Bob: That brunette in Chemistry was flirting with me. What do you think?
Jim: Her? She's a Beau! Ask her to the movies! Even if she only secretly likes you, there's no way she'll decline!
by Jo Pen February 22, 2010
An acronym standing for "Broke Everyday As Usual" that refers to the friend, in a group of friends, that never throws down or helps pay for anything that would benefit the group.
Kevin NEVER pitches in on the beer, and all he does is smoke all of our cigarettes. What a BEAU.
by Idiot Man May 24, 2010
Loves you, Or cant stand your punk ass. one who believes Snitches and Fags should die a slow painfull death. once a snitch always a snitch no 2nd chances! also strongly believes people with turbons should die. CAUSE OF DEATH. BIG FUCKING EXPLOSION. very loyal and trustworthy. not so book smart. A proud GRADUATE of SundDown M Ranch. lovely rehabilitation facility easily convinced into anything when fucked up. easily fucked up. POOR ASS WHITE BOY! LOVES HIS FUCKING LIFE! NO REGRETS!
Beau was pissing me off that mother fuckers lucky hes my homie.
by HatenSnitches January 02, 2011
A shortened version of the term "bitches and hoes" that is appropriate to use in front of your bitch and/or hoe.
Man: "Phew, that was amazing... I love you."
Woman: "Whatever, you gonna pay me or not?"
by TyP926 March 15, 2010
the most amazing big brother in the world, he technically is the cheese to my macaroni. And without him, who would call my fattie? And yes guy above, he is a patty with sauce ;D
"you know what would cheer you up beau?" "ORANGE MOCA FRAPPITIUNO" *gitter bug...gitter bug... yeahhh the blue blah blah blah yeah yeah*
by fattie. September 14, 2008
a sexy ass boy from C.P.H.S.
Bruh Beau is so hot.
by cphs August 15, 2008
A completely non-sexual term of endearment commonly used between male friends in "the South" (South-Eastern United States). Used very much the way "bro" or "man" is used in California and other areas. Also used similar to the term "bubba".
Hey beau, you still going' fishin' with us this weekend?

by IDS May 04, 2006