a sexy ass boy from C.P.H.S.
Bruh Beau is so hot.
by cphs August 15, 2008
A completely non-sexual term of endearment commonly used between male friends in "the South" (South-Eastern United States). Used very much the way "bro" or "man" is used in California and other areas. Also used similar to the term "bubba".
Hey beau, you still going' fishin' with us this weekend?

by IDS May 04, 2006
the one who got away!
I hooked up with this guy at a concert, without realizing that his friend was the true Beau.
by Lookin' for Beau November 24, 2003
Beau is skilled. He is the phattest fat kid around.

See Skilled and Schooled
Dave: YO BEAU!
Beau: Word.
by TheWhiteBlade January 20, 2005
sound made when stealing objects from a friend
as you take someone's fries, you say "beau!" in a very high pitched voice
by Chirs Coccaro October 22, 2004
pimp, bf of hot girls
Why do beaus get so much pussy?
by PIMP July 10, 2003

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