Beau is a term used to describe a manly man with numerous daily sexual encounters with females. This manly man tends to have a ginormous penis which may also be referred to as "The Magic Stick". A Beau might also lose his temper at the drop of a hat and beat your face three shades of purple. But for the most part a Beau is a perfect example of a real man.
Why can't all men be beau?
by Boshizzle13 February 04, 2010
A men/god who can seduce Hispanic women and satisfy them sexually 12 times in a period of 24 hours."Beau" or "Boh" also enjoys eating pasta and adding to his gains bro.
"Beau I'm sorry I covered you in vagina juices"
by Sexkitten101 February 04, 2013
The most amazing guy you will ever come across, he is a hard working but loving man. Always making sure his girl comes first in every situation. Best sports person and runs fast, nobody can catch him. His eager to have a kid in his teen years but willing to wait out of respect for his lady. Is the most successful man any woman could date. He is also known for his very large dick.
Friend: come out tonight bro?
Beau: nuh sorry bro got work tomorrow and i have to take care of my beautiful girlfriend, she's got morning sickness
by bulkbruh February 04, 2014
A guy who is a love interest, but not necessarily anything official. Someone who a girl is casually dating, hooking up with, seeing or mutually flirting with.

A nicer term for a butt-buddy.

Possibly the origin of "boo"?
So liz, hows your beau doing?
by suppcutie November 15, 2007
Beau is the chillest girl you will ever meet. Beau is beautiful but doesn't act like a princess or a drama queen. She is real n if u hav her u are the luckiest man alive
u wish u were beau
by Truth42 January 24, 2015
Beau is a term used for a very salty over aged teenager with some salty balls.
You better clean yourself, you definitely don't want to be a beau or else you'll get made fun of for the rest of your life for it.
by .nochill._.savage. March 30, 2015
A Beau, is a kind, caring, funny guy. He always try's to make people happy, and make them laugh. He try's to make himself look good, and will generally work out frequently at the gym along with his friends. Although he doesn't understand his inner beauty. Beau is a friendly person, and gets along with a lots of people, especially the ladies! Most Beau's will make jokes about their appearance and personality to cover up how they are really feeling, although they are very attractive. Tattoos and piercings are a big part of a Beau's life, and has quite a few of them himself.
Girl 1: "Hey, I just met this amazing guy!"
Girl 2: "No ways?! What's he called?"
Girl 1: "I don't know, but he defiantly seems like a Beau!!"
by Pineapple123 May 03, 2014
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