To have sex
Sexual Intercourse
inserting your penis into a vagina (or other warm hole)
Vince: Hey Mark!
Mark: what up?
Vince: Hey I seen you leave with that hottie last night what happen?
Mark: I took her back to the pad and Beat Cheeks!
Vince: NO WAY!, I need to beat some cheeks
Mark: I will hook you up!
#sex #fuck #knock boots #hit it #bumping uglies
by Pincky September 14, 2009
Top Definition
The act of sexual congress.
Yo, them two just beat cheeks about 10 minutes ago.
#sex #smash #fucking #beating cheeks #smashing
by Joey I April 26, 2006
To leave the area quickly. Originally from the from the fact that each lobe of your buttock will be slapping together during the act of running.
Cmon man the cops will be here any minute, lets beat cheeks!
#boogie #burn rubber #blow this popsicle stand #bolt #get out of dodge
by jake2 October 12, 2006
To give it to a girl from behind.
She got some mean beat cheeks from me last night.
#beat #cheeks #behind #girl #from
by Zanko Harris June 13, 2008
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