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To have sex
Sexual Intercourse
inserting your penis into a vagina (or other warm hole)
Vince: Hey Mark!
Mark: what up?
Vince: Hey I seen you leave with that hottie last night what happen?
Mark: I took her back to the pad and Beat Cheeks!
Vince: NO WAY!, I need to beat some cheeks
Mark: I will hook you up!
by Pincky September 14, 2009
Another word for Pre Cum

Clear fluid that comes out during a hand job or other type of foreplay... it acts as a self produced lubricant.

is it reported that pre cum has twice as many sperm as regular cum.
Friend 1: I can't impregnate a girl if I pull out!
Friend 2: You better watch out that pre action can get you!

Friend 1: My chick and I were fooling around last night and I had some pre action come out and I was ready to Go!!
by Pincky May 25, 2009
a pair of pussy lips that you can open and close them with your fingers (and/or penis) like bomb bay doors on an old World War II era bomber
that chick I fucked last night had pussy lips that open and closed like bomb bay doors when trusted my penis in and out!
by Pincky April 14, 2009
a 40 is the money equivalent to a gram of cocaine that you would purchase from your local drug dealer. And it comes in a little baggie. that sells for 40$ hence the name 40!
Friend #1: man were gonna need some blow tonight

Friend #2: YEAH lets get some. how much you want to get?

Friend #1: I was thinking about getting a 40?

Friend #2 MMMM. That sounds GOOD i got $20 on it!
by Pincky April 14, 2009
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