Stolen from or slighted by when it comes to the buying of selling drugs.
Dave thought he bought cocaine but he was beat. It was just baby powder.
by Quinn December 23, 2003
usually refering to the subwoffers in a persons ride
Damn... that civic has some hella beat
by chunks September 18, 2003
cashed out, white-capped, completly gone, demolished (mine as well suck it through)
that bowl is fugin beat
by renis March 25, 2003
SARAPETIRE totally knocked up and hammered
like damn that girl is so beat and has a wide vagina from having so much sex
by whitegirl September 24, 2007
when shit has hit a point where there is no immediate return; when you cant say or do anything else but say "shit thats beat"; the whackest of all the whack; when a bitch tells you shes pregnant; when you get the ol' sobriety test after a long night of drinkin;...and of course when the almighty bong pack just fell off its last legs..
At Work one day...

Marc: Hey man, i gotta run to CVS real quick...

Zack: oh yea, whys that...

Marc: gotta grab some Imodium..

Zack: Aww man, that shit is beat
by Zack and Marc August 08, 2006
as is slutty whore type seem to be
That girl is like so beat.Look at those beat clothes
by jannana May 18, 2006
dirty, as in "been around the block"


originating in Southern California esp San Diego surf communities (carlsbad, encinitas, etch)
no wonder all the guys love her. look what she's wearing, she so beat.

she's so beat, dude, everyones gone around with her

dont stick your finger in the socket, thats way beat.
by s-in-ay May 01, 2005

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