To be extremely eager to do something.
That chick was Madd Beasty to check her facebook, when she knows that she had no new messages!!
by Tiffany W. December 05, 2005
Top Definition
1.someone who owns up in something or extremely good at something
1.damn hes a beasty athlete

2.hes so beasty that he could play in the NBA
by mafferlocker August 20, 2006
When Something is cool and kick ass.
DAAAAMN nigga! That new leather jacket looks fucking beasty.
by I forget December 08, 2004
A scottish word for insects, creepy crawlies
"I do like camping but there are just too many beasties for me to fully enjoy myself".
by winstonmaiow December 16, 2006
To act hard or hardcore, like you about to knock somebody out.

Boy: "Damn girl, you got a fat ass"

Girl: "Shut the fuck up!"

Boy's Friends: "Ooh she gettin beasty on a you, boy!"
by Genis April 21, 2006
Lesbians who are best friends and have no plans to have sex with each other or date.
John: You two should date
Les#1: Ew no. Why?
John: You two are perfect for each other and you're both lesbians
Les#2: We're beasties dude. That's gross.
by PsychImNotHer February 13, 2009
When you laugh, and you can't do anything.
"Oh man, I got the beasties and peed myself because my dick muscles couldn't keep in my urine, it WAS that funny!"
by ted bedell January 03, 2004
Milwaukee's Best Ice beer. The cheapest beer you can get. Usually 12-13 dollars a 30 pack.
beasties is the best way to get drunk for cheap.
by fire_is_cool July 10, 2008
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