Johan Hegg.
Johan Hegg is such a beast! Amon Amarth rules!
by Teehee niggerfag May 16, 2011
The perfect word, it can be a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, anything.
Noun: That guys a beast.
Verb: I beasted your girlfriend last night.
Adjective: Dude thats a beast car.
Adverb: He plays ball beastily
by zakorsumtin March 30, 2011
Used as a replacement word.
Cuz', Fro-Man,Tough Dude, or Cool Guy --

"Imma knock you the 'beast' out!"
"Mayne, shut the 'beast' up!"
"What the 'beast'?"
"Oh 'beast' no"
by FLYwithMEfly! May 09, 2010
Beast - (Adj.)

1. Synonymous with Nasty, Rape, Good, Sick.

"You gotta check out that new game, its beast."

Beast (ed/ing) - (V.)

1. To destroy, demolish, annihilate without any sense of mercy.

2. To Rape.
"25-0 KDP I was beasting on those kids..."

" You were beasting on those kids, You had a 15 second gap by the end of the Moto."
by LaunchpadMcqack April 20, 2010
ur amazing in everyway or really really kewl or pretty
that guy is so beast
by Coley McGough November 19, 2009
Generally amazing at anything. All around great person who can dominate people and embarrass them. Also this person is liked by the majority of society and is embraced as a leader or person with major influence.
Kieran Lee is a beast because he is good at almost everything.
by Brass Master November 09, 2009
Commonly used to substitute the words "cool", "awesome", "hot", and "sexy".
"Dude, that game is so beast"

"He's so beast."
by acronymilielem October 31, 2009

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