n. a person or thing possessing outstanding, awesome and intense skills

adj. being or acting as possessing outstanding, awesome and intense skills
n. He is a beast at running!

adj. Wow, did you see that goal she scored? That was so beast!
by sunnshinegrl0028 February 11, 2009
to be really good at something
"your a beast at basketball"
by Sam Seinfeld February 10, 2009
Michael Phelps
Oh my god, did she just do that? Whata beast
by sonnnnyy February 07, 2009
An extreme amount of coolness, the cool cat, a tank. Or just a hottie.
Someone that is well liked. "Look at that beast of a girl going into the store". The beast means here that she is hot.
by idkkkf December 08, 2008
to completely own or control the musicical stand point of electro. usually referring to the band 'Generic!'.
Have you heard their stuff? They're so BEAST!

by Generic's # 1 fan October 20, 2008
A word two best friends use to describe how horrible the look and act.
But love each other really
"Lucy your a hidious beast!"

"Terence you are a beastly shit"
by jifkvjmksdlv October 07, 2008
1:the ultimate male
2:the coolest dewg ever
3:the ladies man
Dude did you see Gigglepuss?
He is such a fucking Beast!
by gigglepuss August 25, 2008

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