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UK Slang- a person who is very good at something
He's an absolute beast when it comes to football.
by Jamie November 18, 2004 who is the top dog,the shit animal that frightens people
Doug is such a beast
by JERKER19 July 17, 2010
1. Being incredibly good at something, like fighting, sports, or more commonly video games.

2. A word that comes before an action to emphasize that doing so is incredibly difficult, nigh impossible. Can also be used to describe a past action that is amazing in nature and was performed with incredible skill and all around badassness.
1.That guy just kicked the entire bars ass single handed, if that's not beast, then I don't know what is.

2. Did you watch UFC yesterday? It was a beast fight man, neither of em would back down, looked like they were gonna go to the death!
by Das Noobinator June 17, 2010
An awsome individual; Someone who just is too awsome to call awsome
Dude your such a beast
by A beast dude 123 May 11, 2010
Used as a replacement word.
Cuz', Fro-Man,Tough Dude, or Cool Guy --

"Imma knock you the 'beast' out!"
"Mayne, shut the 'beast' up!"
"What the 'beast'?"
"Oh 'beast' no"
by FLYwithMEfly! May 09, 2010
1.) A person who is good at everything
2.) One who exceeds the standards of everyday life
3.) Adjective meaning good, awesome or of the highest quality
1.) Look at Bob, he is so beast at baseball, basketball, football and basically everything
2.) Bob totally beasts up life everyday
3.) Yo, homeslice that wigger tried to be a gangsta and got messed up by my crew. Madddd beast
by Grandmaster Flash 2.0 May 06, 2010
Beast - (Adj.)

1. Synonymous with Nasty, Rape, Good, Sick.

"You gotta check out that new game, its beast."

Beast (ed/ing) - (V.)

1. To destroy, demolish, annihilate without any sense of mercy.

2. To Rape.
"25-0 KDP I was beasting on those kids..."

" You were beasting on those kids, You had a 15 second gap by the end of the Moto."
by LaunchpadMcqack April 20, 2010
ur amazing in everyway or really really kewl or pretty
that guy is so beast
by Coley McGough November 19, 2009

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