Beardo is the name of a legendary murderer. He supposedly works in a high school in New Jersey as a janitor. He kills people by rubbing his beard all over them until they are dead. During a bearding you may hear Beardo say things like: "Oh yeah, you're going to get the beard" or "I'm going to rub my beard all over you." Beardo makes a noise when he's bearding someone. You can imitate the noise by doing the following: Open your mouth and keep your lips loose. Make a low-pitched hum while shaking your head from side to side. Don't do this for long however because you might attract Beardo.
Unsuspecting victim: "What was that? I sure hope it wasn't Beardo waiting to beard me!"

Beardo: "Oh yeah, I’m going to beard you so good! <Beardo's noise>

Victim being bearded: "No, no, please no, anything but the beard!"

Beardo: “The beard is exactly what you're going to get!"
by BeardoFinder March 05, 2008
Second understudy to Greedo and first-understudy to Beedo. While Greedo got speaking-lines and Beedo got screentime, Beardo is just hoping for a lucrative action-figure contract.
-- I'll trade you a cat's eye for a Beardo!!

-- Don't be silly. There's no Beardo. There isn't even REALLY a Beedo -- he's just a recycled Greedo. THAT's greed, for ya!!

-- Yeah...mercenary.

-- But at any rate, it would take more than that for me to agree to lose my marbles for such an exchange.

-- Gimme five!!

-- That's TRES seventies -- I LIKE!!

-- Say, what do you call a Greedo in a Speedo?

-- I think you may NOW properly be thought to have lost those marbles.

-- RELAX, I was 'riffing' on the Seventies.
by sukadog March 18, 2011
a hipster with a big ol', unruly, full-facial beard (and usually wearing a hoodie or knit hat)
Me: The gastropub in Fishtown was so filled with beardos we had to leave.
You: With what???
Me: You know - bearded hipsters wearing hoodies, and (even though they're hanging in a "gastropub") drinking PBR & Miller High Life.
by salthebeardo March 01, 2009
a weirdo with a beard. Or a weirdo who is so weird that you can call him a beardo anyways.
santa clause is a fat beardo.
by adefrenza October 10, 2006
Beardo is the name of a toque / beanie from the Canadian company of the same name. "The Beardo" is the registered trademark of 'Beardowear', who make the toques and beanies with a hand knit, adjustable and foldaway beard.
Hey mom and dad, thanks for the Beardo, I love it.
by Beardowear November 05, 2010
Bearded weirdo
Omg, that Paresh, he's such a beardo. He could be Rafa's twin!
by Sonzy November 27, 2008
Name created after Joaquin Phoenix's awkward David Letterman stunt to describe the bearded middle aged homeless rapper look he was going for. Often a name used to describe someone in a month long drug binge.
Hmm, Mr Phoenix, I see here that your resume says you took a couple year long break from acting to... go Beardo on everyone's asses.
by TopazRen February 21, 2009

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