Noun - A person or thing that attempts to grow a beard but fails miserably.

Subjects are marked by some, if not all the following criteria: patchiness, overall non-beard-material facial hair, and a conscience that tells the individual that their beard, despite constant contrary begging of removal from friends and/or relatives, is passable/cool.
Person 1: My oh my, look at Scott's new facial hair!

(No word can describe said "beard" except failure)

Person 2: He's such a beardo...
by Walter T. Fudge February 22, 2008
a weirdo with a beard
look at that homeless beardo rummaging the bins looking for a quick delicious snack if hes lucky.
by siko diko October 14, 2006
A nickname for the member of a group who resembles Sasquatch, is addicted to sandwiches, and says "Oh Boy!" like it's his job and wears flamboyantly pattenred flannel shirts in any highly public setting.
Friend-"Hey Beardo, who was that dude you were scamming drinks off last night?"
Beardo-"Oh Boy!"
by Jessa & Allia October 16, 2007
A person who is a wierdo but to add to the wierdness they have a beard, hence the name beardo.
An example of a beardo is the one formally known as SWEENY, he is the wierdest person in the teaching proffesion and a a spectacular beard. He resembles the opera singer Luciano Pavorotti and has an incurable pie addiction.
by sam barcock April 03, 2007
gay men who grow long, unruly beards in order to express their rustic male "realness" as well as their alterna-queer credibility. They crave only the companionship of other beardos.
That beardo in overalls, dancing alone to Souixie and the Banshees, smells positively Victorian.
by Joe February 06, 2005
A nutter or weirdo who happens to have a beard.
"I'd give money to that bum if he weren't such a beardo"

"Check him/her out, what a fucking beardo"
by Hector Knox December 27, 2005
(A term fusing the two words
Beard and weirdo).

Used to refer to "bearded, religious (muslim or NON-muslim) fundamentalist weirdos".
Dude #1: Man, I wish those damn beardos would quit imposing their goddamn views on this country. Haven't they heard of "Secularism"? I'm so sick of their shit...

Dude #2: Yeah...And you'd think with all that money they make/steal, they'd be able to afford enough money for a proper full-length dishdasha.
by Amunki October 28, 2004

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