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A cutsie name for Australian bearded dragons. (Pet lizards)
How are my little beardies doing today? Who has a beard? Who has a beard? Its you! Beardies! Magnificent!
by Jeffy! May 09, 2005
A word sometimes used to describe experienced veterans of Warhammer or Warhammer 40,000 with the same definition as cheesy.
"You just got pwned by my nobz!" That's because you're beardy."
by Trekkie June 17, 2005
The ultimate trait one can posess. Once considered beardy, one is completely fulfilled as a human and may die happily. Individuals who have achieved this: James Draney, Ted Gold, Abraham Lincoln (somewhat hindered by his death, but not too drastically).

Note: While certainly a plus, a beard is not required to achieve beardiness. It merely implies that the object classified as beardy is generally excellent.
Me: Gee, Ted Gold, you're so beardy! The beardiest, in fact.
Ted Gold: What was that? I couldn't hear you over my superiority.
Me: (faints from exposure to potent beardiness).
by Jason Daniel February 02, 2008
Technically cheating in a RPG game as your items are uber
"Come off it mate, that armour is beardy"
by Gerard June 22, 2004
When a gay guy goes on and on about the hotness of some rather plain chick in a vain attempt to appear straight, that chick is beardy.
1.) God, why do girls go on about that Debra Messing? Can't they tell she's so fuckin' beardy?

2.) I used to think Katie Holmes looked pretty beardy, and then she hooked up with Tom Cruise. Man, did I call that--she's the über-beard!
by Moe Groe December 06, 2006
1) Noun. Word describing a huge, hairy and deformed penis.

2) A warhammer geek.
Oh my god what a huge Beardy that is indeed!!
by 21 21 September 11, 2006
Someone (usually male) within the IT industry who is furnished with growth around the chin, cheeks and throat area of the face.

They tend to babble using computer jargon rather than use the Queens English.

Moreover, the word "beardy" is often used to offend someone, irrespective of whether facial hair is present or not.
Feck off Beardy!
by Mongrel Pete Singer January 28, 2004
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