A picture taken of your beard that you planning to upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or any other sort of social networking website.

You can rarely see much of the person who is holding the camera aside from their glorious beard. A selfie is usually accompanied by a overwhelming feeling of pride by having a beard worth sharing with the world.

First coined by TeamRock on 1st May 2014 by drivetime radio presenter Dewsbury.
Yeah... me and my beard were out last night taking loads of sick beardies.
by caido_souls May 01, 2014
Short for Bearded Dragon Lizard.
Person 1: Hey I heard you got a Bearded Dragon!
Person 2: Yeah I did! My beardie rocks!
by Zebaz April 29, 2011
A dude with a beard
Guy 1: Look at that beardie over there
Guy 2: Oh yeah. Sick chin curtain!
by buttluncher October 22, 2008

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