unshaven female genitals having a growth of hair
her pussy looked like a bearded clam
by j r lang January 04, 2008
fur burger, (hold the ketchup)
camel toe,
snack crack,
snatch patch
My friend will have the usual bearded clam, and a fur burger, hold the ketchup, to go.
by jakeblues May 06, 2007
An obscene word for a hairy, fishy pussy
Prepare to dance with the bearded clam.
by 6piece November 19, 2007
bushy vagina
man shes got a fuckin' bearded clam
by gaz April 04, 2003
An unshaved, salty, wet, and often fish-like piece of pune.
Lance's mom has an awesome bearded clam.
by PirateHooker September 21, 2007
A Pussy that is very hairy.
My ex-Girlfriend has a Bearded clam.
by Bongo Lad September 20, 2006
yeah it's a vag.

i distinctly remember hearing it called so on a Vh1 interview with Boy George... so that's prolly one of the main contributers to it's popularity.
Um, I stuck her in the bearded clam. And it felt good.
by sam November 03, 2004

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