womans genitalia
by nick April 11, 2003
Her camel toe looked like a bearded clam
by Louis June 18, 2003
Abundantly hairy front bum, dungeon, tomato barmcake.
Oh, the bearded
by TANTI - (SHAUN WARD) June 04, 2004
Sea Food,Louisiana delicacy
The best time for clams is early in the day, but the Bearded Clams are so good, you need to see a dentist for a hair cut
by spikenstein January 04, 2004
fish scented dental floss
Stay away from the bearded clam.
by Adamar May 14, 2003
hey, show me your bearded clam. Do u have a bearded clam?
by mrladiesman July 13, 2009
Australian bar slang for a pint of coca-cola without ice.
I'll have a round of Bearded Clam thanks... I said Bearded, get that fucking ice outta there bitch.
by wayfarer87 May 11, 2010

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