a wild and hairy vagina
Kayla has vowed to have a bearded clam until she gets laid again.
by feathersofanarrow February 07, 2011
This is the term used to describe an "overly" hairy vaginal region,usually occuring after marriage.
Ewww man, check out that 70's Porn style beardedclam.It looks like she's got Buckwheat in the figure 4!
by ProZack November 09, 2003
A slang word for the female genitalia.
With a great thrust I parted the thick roast beef curtains to behold a wondrous sight. There before me amidst a multitude of glimmering treasures in a magnificent glory all its own sat the fabled Bearded Clam, shining with a light one could only describe as righteous.
by Panorin December 20, 2013
When a girl's vagina is hairy as fuck and the hairs are long enough to look like a clam with a huge beard.
Teacher- Bobby, why don't you come over to my desk? I need to talk to you.

Bobby- ew fuck no, you have a bearded clam that probably smells like wizard cock...
by KLynne February 13, 2014
Hairy vagina
Did you fuck that bird last night dude ?

No she had such a bearded clam
by l14msn April 08, 2015

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