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An abnormally large Clitoris, so large that it resembles a Penis.
"I had a bit of a near gay experience last night, was goin down on this girl and she had a humongous beanis!"
by Bernie Bernstein May 22, 2009
A fictional character said to have been created in Scotland in recent history. The "Beanis", a simple creature, broad bean shaped, with its lower half resembling a human penis, one stick arm raised to pull down its left eye, and its right hand raised high, proudly showing a letter B with its primitive fingers. Now, it is said a simple side view of the "Beanis" is the logo of the notorious, infamous, disgusting and potent uprising groups of youths, and there new youth culture. A name normally given to groups of young men who dabble ridiculous fashion, boots, short back and sides with a very long top, house music and its sub-genres, fortified wine, the list goes on.
Look at that boy, he bought harems and boots and thinks hes in Beanis now. I'll just stick to being scene.
by Spiceweasel May 31, 2010
The measure of how far back you wear a beanie. The further back you wear it on your head, the longer your beanis is (usually measured in inches).
"Wassup guys, my beanis is 8 inches long!"
"Well, guess what! My beanis is 10 inches long."
by nikesbskater1997 November 20, 2011
A beaner's penis.
Woah, did see that guy's beanis?!
Yeah, it was huge!
by oneharshcritic August 17, 2011
A clitoris or 'bean' so large and obtrusive, it resembles a penis.
When she pulled her pants down I began to feel like Stephen Rea in The Crying Game. As I started to wretch she laughed and said "Don't worry,'re not barking up the wrong tree here - that's just my beanis!"
by WhatTwot? May 08, 2010
Referring to a South American's (beaner) penis.
I was totally stoked when she said she'd suck my beanis.

Oscar,no one wants to see your shriveled beanis.

In my gym class I can always smell my friends beanis.
by tophieCC April 17, 2011
A person who looks like mr bean.
Ben Stables is a Beanis
by igotdasquirtz August 23, 2011

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