1.(n) a mexican, or and indian, but most likely a dirty mexican. any peron that you dislike or have much hatered for.
2.(v) to fart, burp, puke or to make any kind of discusting bottly functions. (beaning, to bean)
1.(n) Ew, do you smell Alberto? Hessuch a bean.
2.(v) Omg, who just beaned? It smells like shit.
by Bianca the Sexy great one March 14, 2005
a fine woman who is extremely attractive. A gal whos panties you get into anyday.

could aslo be a boy. But no, dont go there blad
check out the bean at 3 oclock dude
by gatta January 15, 2006
the process of giving head or oral sex to a man.
that girl gave me some madddd bean last night bro.
by sam DUH May 13, 2005
When a friend says something incredibly moronic or pointless, which therefore leads to an awkwardness in conversation and general unease. This act is called the act of the bean.
H: "Yeah she was sooo hot"
J: "Soooo hot im sure shes the cause of global warming"
H: "Dude.....bean?"
J: "Definitely bean."
H: "Thank God"
by Harryferads January 13, 2008
slang for one-hundred dollars
Yo i put a bean on da game last week
by habib johnson February 10, 2008
Refering to a single Beaner in a group of Mexicans/Spanish people.
Watchout for beaners when driving through mexico, sometimes a stray Bean will run in front of you.
by Tyler Lindahl February 15, 2008
EXTRA SMALL PENIS......Looks like a bean
That nigga shawn gotta bean!!!!
by Denzel Washington jr. November 24, 2007

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