used mainnly by the strood bois to describe a twat or some1 thet i thick
shut up adam u fat greesey bean
by ben . manz November 28, 2007
the act of going limp or flacid on a chick when your about to bone her

to not care
Nipple: Hey man I wear tape over my nipples. What did you do last night?
Parker: I met this chicken head and then I beaned that hoe.
by Shane Pad January 01, 2008
Bean is slang for ecstasy
East Atlanta slum man is where I come from
Pass that bubble thrax and put this bean on your tongue.
by Wenwen_Tiara April 10, 2008
Bean is also a slang term for ecstasy
"I had a bean before mate!"
by Div March 09, 2005
Slang for lesbian. Like lez-bean.
Ellie and Jen have been beans for a while
by Your Favorite Bean January 23, 2008
n. 1. An ecstasy pill. 2. Originally short for benzedrine, the original trade name for amphetamine tablets.
Those beans were the shit! We were rolling are balls off for like 8 hours!
by CGz April 01, 2006
a small, firm tissue, southern region.
I like to rub the bean
by Morton March 22, 2005

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