A neurotic, office busy body, who thinks its her job to make all computer related requests as difficult as possible.

A pain-in-the-ass computer illiterate who causes more computer crashes than she fixes.
Lets have the Bean Flicker upgrade our Microstation, then we'll hire a real computer guy fix it.
The Bean Flicker was in your office "installing new virus software," so its time to reinstall your operating system.
by G-Dog October 12, 2004
Top Definition
playing with a clitoris, esp another girl doing it
She's a bean flicker
by p May 10, 2003
a lesbian. definition is self-explanatory.
in her retirement, martina navratalova is putting down her raquet and taking up been flicking on a full time-basis
by pdub July 26, 2003
A lesbian. One who flicks her lover's 'bean' (clitoris). A woman who drinks from the furry cup...etc
"I hear that Ellen DeGeneres likes to wear comfortable shoes. Do you think she's a rug-muncher."
"Dude, she's a full blown beanflicker alright. Bitch wears dungarees ffs!"
by st0gey March 26, 2005
someone who flicks bean, to wank a lady off
she was sitting there flicking her bean
by Jody Winterbottom July 24, 2003
when a lesbian lick's a clitoras
"im gonna flick your bean tonight darlin"
by bod July 09, 2004
Item used to assist in stimulation of the clitoris and surround area. A 'Beanflicker' is the rubber counting thimble that Post Office clerks use.
Your beanflicker needs a wash!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
Someone who associates with people who are frankly cunts, and they know this, but they still hang out with them...
Why do you hang out with Peter Tipple?! You're such a fucking beanflicker!

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