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blowjob/fellatio, a bout of oral sex
"Hey man, did you fuck that chick last night?" "Naw, but she beaked me off and I'll prolly fuck her next time we hook up." "Was it at least a good round of beak?" "Yeah, best beaking I've had in a while."
by snowspark6 September 06, 2008
14 21
another term for nose
"That chick has a huge beak"
by zacho January 09, 2003
327 78
Large, abnormally sharp nose.
Todd Eckel has a massive beak!
by anonymous August 26, 2003
319 96
Birds mouth usually orange
Callum O'Briens Email is ********* beak.
by Callum O'Brien September 08, 2005
313 112
English slang for cocaine
lets do a line of beak, put 2 grams in it
by Snorter010 July 18, 2009
248 87
a term used in Saskatchewan meaning 'to insult.'
They beaked him because he was bad at sports.
by sask-a-mania February 23, 2009
208 61
A judge or some form of judicial process.
He's up before the beak for being a dodgy geezer.
by Ian Chode April 04, 2003
90 58
A secret term used among shoplifters.
An term used when your going to steal something.
useful so no one can understand you
"Hey, what did you beak yesterday?"
"Stop beaking, its bad"
by XkamikazeX March 04, 2009
37 26