Slang for Cocaine. Also Llello(Yeyo), Charlie, White, Posh and Ching.
" Sorry about kickin off over 'how many nipples dogs have' before, it was the Beak, I'm doin' too much recently "
by John Gaskell March 07, 2004
A word used mostly in the Hockey Culture. Means to joke or make fun of.
"Wow dude, this guy keeps beaking me"
by TopShelf19 March 04, 2008
The art of inserting the entire hand in a "beaked fashion" into the orifice of the "beakee". Precurser to fisting...
She wanted more fingers, i had to give her the beak...
by topher123456789 October 26, 2007
A versitile word which can be used to replace any noun, pronoun, vowel, verb, adverb, adjective or preposition.

Better than the word Marklar,
which can be used as a generic word, similar to a pronoun, that can refer with specificity to any thing, place, person, idea, concept, or otherwise represent the meaning of any noun, including proper nouns.
Hey Beak,
I had a beak on the beak and then beaked a few beaks before beaking beak beaks while on the beaks!

Are you beak?

Beak. totally beak.
by Beak Mora April 20, 2008
to run your mouth or complain, about somthing or someone
dude quit beakin at me
by jazz2 May 30, 2007
The beak is one of the main body parts of a Beezer (commonly referred as Beez.) It is the point which forms at the end of the snout and has a tough carapace. The beak is usually used for eating small bugs or defending itself. Some Beez are so advanced that they even have wings! (These are the most dangerous type.)
Lookout how you handle that vermin! The beak is razor sharp!
by Kingbeez November 06, 2007
an acknowledgement of a good friend, a salutation
Hey Beak! Whas' up dogg.
by Rob Jones February 03, 2004

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