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On-Screen display. A menu that comes up on a screen.
Push Menu on the remote to bring up the OSD.
by Jim OcOnnel March 28, 2007
OSD = Obsessive study disorder
Most commonly found in nerds/geeks and is an extreme over reaction to any form of assessment in which they can study for

Nerd: "My brain is about to explode... I have been studying all day."
Random: "Dude, you need to find some medication for your serious case of OSD!"
by non_stop.dance_party September 02, 2010
Obsessive Sneaker Disorder
I Just Bought A New Pair Of Shoes Man - Jerry
Dude, You Have OSD. - Emanuel
by Julio Boss 415 August 04, 2008
Old School Dicks, an organization of older college males, who primarily get with freshman sluts. Originated in Texas, now growing world wide. Also known to be one of the most dangerous organizations in East Texas.
I'm a 27 year old college student and I can't wait till the new crop of freshmen girls come in next year, for I am O.S.D.
by J-Dubnac April 09, 2006
OSD is anachronism for Obama Slobber Disorder: Used in a derogatory way to describe one who can not see Obama’s flaws due to their “slobbering” love affair with the man.
You OSD blinds you to the President's Socialist agenda.
by oramato March 31, 2010
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