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BBI means 'be back in', followed by a unit generally in minutes.
bbi15 = Be back in 15 minutes; bbi2h = Be back in 2 hours
#brb #bbs #bbl #gtg #g2g #ttyl #bb
by Joe Anderson August 10, 2006
Born before the internet.

This term was coined by graphic designer and artist Sameer Farooq.
I have a difficult time with non-linear articles because I'm a BBI.
#internet #generational #bai #bb #old
by oiseaux brun March 05, 2013
A term for a pretentious prick whose ability to be an ass is only matched by his ability to obfuscate.
That BBI sure is a pretentious prick!
by BBI January 03, 2005
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