Bbes, is short for 'Babes'
''Hay bbes how are ya?''

''DAYM bbes, howd you get alla that?''
by !ASHLEE October 07, 2007
short term for babe usually used when texting, emailing or on msn
ello bbe hwz u?
gd fnx bbe u?
by sam!! xx August 16, 2006
Bad,Boy,Entertainment thats alll itiz
created by P.Diddys
BBE Records
by Gangstaz101 September 25, 2006
Big Brown Elephant
Girl 1: Oh my god! How was he?

Girl 2: He's was such a BBE!
by allblack August 25, 2013
Best boyfriend ever.
Keith called me this morning and asked that I look outside. When I did he was waiting with a dozen roses, a limo, and two tickets to a matinee. He is totally B.B.E. material.
by BBE lover November 05, 2010
a short term for baby
people think its babe but its not
bbe your gourgous
by fwehglire March 20, 2009
"Be back eventually," an acronym akin to bbl that is used chiefly ironically because "later" is such an ambiguous term, the "eventually" is used for even more ambiguity. (And of course, ironically)
"Well, I've got to go, bbe"
by mikeejimbo January 28, 2005

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