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basicly another word for box or punch
Person 1:
hear what happened to that breh who pressed my mans gyal

Person 2: yeh yeh i herd that ur boy had to bax mans head to the side of the curb
by SaNiggz August 09, 2009
to hit the chronic
verb:to get baxed
adjective: he is soo baxed.
I need to bax man.
I bax therefore I am a baxist.
Baxxism is the art of baxing.
We need to get max baxed but we have to get some baxables.
by Brendan Sullivan December 01, 2007
Noun: Something/someone that is AWESOME!
Verb: An action performed in an AWESOME manner!
Adjective: The characteristic of being AWESOME!
Noun: I want (a) BAX!
Verb: I wanna BAX my exams!
Adjective: That guy is so BAX!
by Honii November 18, 2010
Bax meaning bad/shit/crap/wack

Originated from Reggae Dancehall routine known as 'The Jonni Bax' pronounced 'Johnny Bax' after its creator Jonathan Baxfield one of Jamaica's leading dancers.
Them second hand clothes you got on are BAX!!! blood
by Jonni Bax March 17, 2004
1. It's like a Japanese guy at 3 a.m. It's that word that just flows. Bax. It stands for everything ever. It's as versitile as the word fuck, only it's not a swear.

2. Mostly it's the word box said with a Minnesotan accent. Sometimes confused with the word "fax."

Oh please Mr. Bax bring me some pleasure!

"Can you come get this bax please?" "Fax?" "Not fax! BAX!"
by TheeNeight September 27, 2007
One who could be desribed as a "pussy, lil' bitch, or a snitch."
He won't even ask her out, what a bax.
by Harrison Hoffman May 08, 2005
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