the proper word if you are calling someone homosexual
jimmy: eww look at the homosexual over there
jimmys mom: now jimmy what is the proper word for homosexuals
jimmy: sorry mom i know its batty boy
by ediotor fooll your tight July 10, 2008
A guy who thinks he dresses well and thinks he has great hair.
Tony: " man my hair looks so good tonight boys. Going pick up bulk bitches!"

"whatever tony you batty boy"
by inyourfacegoats September 05, 2011
suggests homophobia, sodomisation. Means gay.
what is a batty boy?
by vivien November 29, 2003
1. First bloke into the showers after a game and the last to leave.
2.Useful insult when loosing an argument with your mates (implies they are fudge packers).
backs to the wall batty boys about
by moomin December 01, 2003
A highly offensive term used by uneducated and bigotted Jamaicans (in particular) in reference to gay men.
The rough, uneducated Jamaican referred to the distinguished and well dressed man as a batty boy due to his insane jealousy. Then ran out to sell some ganja so he could by the exact outfit!
by MJL July 14, 2006
a total fag,this person looks gay,acts gay,even thinks gay.Some will say his to gay to function
Ballz_of_fire:Look at da ass on dat one

Batty Boy:yea if i had him in bed i would...

Ballz_of_fire:ewww u Batty Boy, i was talkin bout da girl over there.
by Ballz_of_Fire February 01, 2005
the joker's playful referration to the batman. meant as an insult
come here, batty boy, the joker wants to play.
by ratm fiend May 28, 2005
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