A homosexual person.
"You know Graham Norton? hes a real batty boy."
by SteveNewton May 01, 2008
A homosexual man that loves having cocks rammed up his wide arse.

An insult directed towards either gay or straight people, it is well funny!
oi Batty Boy, u get some hot daddy lovin' last night?
by Jonny Weldon January 12, 2004
boys who take it in the chum (rectum) when they want to and pleasure it.
Jason and Nathan are batty boys who get each other in the chum and whinge and bitch about it.
by almighty hallsy July 08, 2006
technically a boy who loves dicks up his butt hole
' i was born a batty boy '

a quote form barney frank

' many years of sucking dicks has damaged my voice '

another quote form barney frank ( massachusetts congessman )
by kunzy3000 October 06, 2009
people with a homosexual nature
people who like cock shuved up their arses hard
men who r very gay and like other mens cock in their bum or mouth
that boy jack is a very big batty boy along with his boy friend adam.
by bob rocket May 26, 2006
A person who may or may not be homosexual, but has characteristics verging towards homosexuality.
Why do you drink skim-latte? you batty boy.
by Lignocaine January 11, 2006
the proper word if you are calling someone homosexual
jimmy: eww look at the homosexual over there
jimmys mom: now jimmy what is the proper word for homosexuals
jimmy: sorry mom i know its batty boy
by ediotor fooll your tight July 10, 2008

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