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it means your some one who takes it up the arse from another man. or that you are just a homo sexual in general. It is used as just a sleur most of the time.
Ahhh you iz a batty boi
by Mitch Smith46w45645 February 24, 2009
a gay person, who love to "bat" the anal area with his genitals.
oi batty boi
by SexIsADrug February 26, 2003
someone who may not be gay,but dresses and acts that way
he looked like a battyboi.
by donia+maria September 20, 2003
Boys who pretend they arent gay but every chance they get they bum and touch each other into a spaff fest.
Joel and Lee are blates battyboi's innit
by ceara January 22, 2007
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