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3 definitions by Winston_fist

A term that can be commonly heard being used by Chavs and Rude Boys on London's streets as a plain insult or as a derogatory term for a gay person, often directed at members of the public because they won't surrender their mobile phone.

The term is believed to have been brought by Jamaican migrants to Britain, which along with the term Chi Chi man is designed to denegrate homosexuals.
Chav or misled youngster: Gimme your phone posh boiii. Walk Awayy batty boy (t is often not pronouced, instead replaced by a glottle stop)
by Winston_fist June 10, 2005
A term often used by people in North America to describe the middle class or Recieved Pronounciation accent featured on American television and cinema. Its used by the sorts of people who represent Britain abroad in the UK like Tony Blair or Hugh Grant.

This accent is probably spoken by a small minority of Britons, and whenever the topic of British accents comes up theres always somebody from outside the south of England who praises the accents of the Midlands or the North, however these accents have no credibility outside their own regions and everybody knows it.

Context in American cullture:
The 'bad guy' in American entertainment very often has a british accent like the X Men villain played by Ian McKellan or many of the characters portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. In recent years however, this accent has been seen by American girls as 'cute' when sported by persons like Jude Law, Orlando Bloom or Kiera Knightly. Since this culture emerged it has been exploited endlessly by lonely British private school boys who wish to use their accents to get laid, most notably seen in Love Actually where the character Colin ends up in bed with Elisha Cuthbert and other American girls.
1. Oh my god Orlando Bloom has a cute British Accent he is soooo cool.

2. He has a british accent he says "warta" instead of "wadder"
by Winston_fist June 26, 2005
A term used to describe southern England teenagers whose features include:

-extensive vocabulary and the ability to pronounce words with as many as 3 syllables such as “cigarette” or “gimme-chips”.

-artistic skill, demonstrated by the graffiti adorning their vehicle of choice, the Chaviot.

-constructive skill; this comprises mostly of the deconstruction of a Vauxhall Nova into a Chaviot: a Vauxhall Nova-turned-urinal (the glovebox is used for larger excraments)

-inexpensive trainers

-Flammable hoodies

-"Gold" chains which end up being made of iron and start to rust.

-breeding children in order to obtain free accomodation

-only fear being Norton AntiChav and anybody over 5 foot tall.

-a desire to look like medusa (or at least to turn people to stone by spitting at them)

-use of the word batty boy when a member of the public does not turn over their phone.

-a magnetic attraction to fast food outlets.

-applying the word racist to anybody who disagrees with their agenda.

-Courage; proportional to number of Chavs congregated with them, or Chavs-per-kfc.

-Music taste; Hippie Hop, Rap, RnB Break dancing (which originated from Chavs trying to steal tyre-plates off moving vehicles).
Chav: gimme phone
Person: no
Chav: gimme chips
Person – uses Norton AntiChav to eliminate Chav.
by Winston_fist June 10, 2005