1. A person (esp. male) who struggles in any particular situation/field of expertise. Usually a dodgy, dirty cunt also.
2. An unsuccessful minger.
Fuck that Pip Edwards is a battler. He should be shot.
by SLAMMER August 24, 2003
Top Definition
An Australian that is always trying to do things right. Unfortunately he always stuffs up and makes a fool of himself. Friends, workmates, family etc. ridicule him because of his misfortune.
Ford Worker 1: "hahaha Steve just crashed the fork lift!"
Ford Worker 2: "Oi Steve! you're such a battler!!"
by Sharon July 10, 2003
1. a person who struggles throughout life, making wrong decisions and being pulled backward in the quest for success.

2. gbi local hiwa baker
there is one battler on great barrier island
by THE NON BATTLER HT November 12, 2010
Somebody who struggles through life in everything thing do. From picking up girls to getting a job these people have no chance.
Look at the battler. He is kidding himself!
by Brendan O'Dea August 27, 2003
noun:- a hard worker and persistent trier who is struggling financially
One of John Howard's battlers
by Nick Pepper May 14, 2003
A pair of durable old shoes that for some unfathomable reason just seem to last forever.
These new shoes I bought are too tight. I think I'll get out the comfortable old battlers.
by chedwardall February 05, 2008
a battler is person that try's hard and never succeeds.
commonly stupid and has no hope in life.
haha what a battler his in vcal
by iwantursmallchildren April 12, 2007
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