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a large staffordshire bull terrier with big teeth.
a battlepig is a staff of over 30kg's
by John boy1979 October 03, 2008
A large (fat or manly) female that mingles with a group of incredibly attractive women in night clubs. The battle pig will scare away men attempting to interact with the attractive females. The only way to bypass the battle-pig is for a self-sacrificing man to offer himself to the battle pig so that his friends may get close to the attractive females.
Dude, I can't get with that chick with the battle-pig in the way.
by Gavin L August 09, 2007
A large woman. That obviously really wants to suck a dick. Usually walks into a bar and immediately eyes every male at the bar.
That girl is definitely a battle pig!
by TeddyW September 14, 2010
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