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5 definitions by TeddyW

A large woman. That obviously really wants to suck a dick. Usually walks into a bar and immediately eyes every male at the bar.
That girl is definitely a battle pig!
by TeddyW September 14, 2010
7 3
This is a female in between a Swamp Donkey and a Battle Pig. These females are disgusting and smell. This is a serious situation, and if you have sex with one, you WILL end up with an STD. You will know when this is happening, but you'll be drunk, and go through with it anyway.
Did you see Kyle go home with that Slaughterhouse swine last night?
by TeddyW September 14, 2010
0 0
A smaller creature of the female species. She is a guaranteed STD transmitter. She will most likey have Athlete's Foot.
See that fungus fairy over there?
by TeddyW September 14, 2010
0 1
A lanky, unimpressionable, fowl smelling female. Usually towering above 6 feet tall with an enlongated, asymmetric face.
She'd be hot if she weren't a troggle horse.
by TeddyW September 14, 2010
0 1
A cum dumpster. Usually disgusting. Was previously hot before she became a huge slut that wears WAY TOO MUCH make up.
She was cute until she turned into a swamp donkey.
by TeddyW September 14, 2010
0 5