What rappers call MTV's Video Music Awards.
Yo, bam! Dis year it'z like da battle of da booties.
by Emily August 23, 2003
Top Definition
A war between giant asses.
Those two black ass bitches had a battle of the booties!
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
When women shake their buttox and men ajudge which one is the sexiest.
They were haveing a battle of the booties down at the nightclub.
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
Fighting over the available bitches in prison.
There was a battle of the booties between the TS and Califas for the two new fish that came in on the gray goose.
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
the 2003 VMA's
I'm watchin the battle of the booties Thursday!
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
a good competition, an important one. could b sport anything.
the football match on monday was a real battle of the booties - or - the football match on monday was a real booty battle
by petey August 23, 2003
When two gals with bootys competing in some way.
Could be shakin' booty to some music.
Or it could be a "booty-to-booty" battle if ya know what I mean.

The two booties have some contact like, bumpin, slamming, pressing and comparing each others booties together in a competitive way.
"A woman two another: lets compare our booties and have some "Battle of the booties" action."
"Lets shake our booties"
"Wanna have some booty fun together?"
"You can't beat my booty"
"Lets compare our booties"
by _Nina_ March 26, 2008
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