Something Murphy Lee & Nelly made up to describe 2003's VMAs. Otherwise known as ATTACK OF GIRLS WERAING TOO SHORT SHORTS W/ TOO BIG BUTTS!
The female nominees will be cometing in battle of the booties.
by Britt August 23, 2003
a queer slogan for the mtv vma's
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
Ya know, when booties... uh... they uh... well, they... battle. Yeah.
by Trent August 23, 2003
Rival black girl bands, who use their booties to gain popularity instead of their singing talent.
mtv base
by waffle August 23, 2003
When 2 or more girls (with fat asses) are thrown into a ring filled halfway with KY jelly and only one comes out
Yo, you goin to the battle of the booties later?
by arcan August 25, 2003
The battle between fat women and skinny women (and all sizes in between).
There was a big disagreement about who was sexier: Camryn Manheim (YUM!!!) or Cindy Crawford (YUM!!!). The person favoring Cindy Crawford won because only skinny women are sex symbols in Hollywood.

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