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A word made famous by professional wrestler Bobby Lashley. He meant to say "bastard," but he speaks with a lisp, and instead it came out like "bathturd." It instantly became an internet phenomenon incredibly popular within the Internet wrestling community. It made Lashley full of teh lulz.
"You say your name is Finlay, and you love to fight...well I say your name is Finlay, and you're a bathturd."
by Dan Himself August 01, 2007
69 8
An alternate spelling of bathturd.
You say your name is Finlay and you love to fight? Well I say you name is Finlay and you're a BATH TURD!
by Mr Funny April 04, 2008
15 6
An insult as in "turd that floats in the bath", used instead of bastard.
bathturd: I'm an emo.
you: Even emos are awsomer than you. You're a bathturd.
by Hyperpixie January 16, 2009
4 11