when you stretch out your ballsack like paper, then get another man to inadvertently look at it. This is followed by the ballsack exposer calling the looker gay and kicking him in the ass twice.
Guy1: Dammit! my ass hurts like shit now!

Guy2: Well then you shouldn't have look at my batwing, Fag!
by george133 July 31, 2010
Unlike bats wing which is performed purposefully, Bat Wings are the spreading and sticking of ones sack to the inner thigh. Usually happens at random, in summer months and is caused by the heat and persperation from the hey-nanner-nanner region.
Guy1: Dude, what the hell are you doing down there, have you got crabs or something?
Guy2: No, sorry man just have to adjust the bat wings.
by Jkids August 16, 2006
when you get real sweaty and your ball sack sticks to your legs and you spread them.
yo i just got done bangin' moniqua and i got so sweaty i had a batwing.
by Brett September 05, 2004
When a male's ball sack is stretched in such a fashion that causes it to resemble a bat wing.
The image of Tom's bat wing was forever embedded in the mind of each unfortunate onlooker.
by pod6isblowedup May 29, 2006
When your ball sack gets stuck to the side of your leg, generally happens when men sit down and are sweaty.
You sit down, and you can feel your ball sack stuck to your leg. You might say to your friend, "i've got bat wing".

If heard by some forign people, they , may assume that you are calling your ball sack, bat wing, because it is black and hairy, like a bats wing.
by Gandi, the shrivled raison August 15, 2008
The excess skin of your ballbag when it sticks to your inner leg on a hot day. When spreading your legs the skin streches and looks like a Batwing! All veiny and stuff!
Fucking hell mate I've got proper batwing.

Shit it's hot out! Ive got batwing and everything!

Cross your legs mate, looks like you've got some batwing there!

You know its hot when you've got batwing.
by Mankie June 29, 2006
When a guys ball sack sticks to his inner thighs, and when he spreads his legs to unstick them, they resemble bat wings..
as he is fixing them... "Dude, I've got some major bat wings right now!"
by ATMsk8er92 December 29, 2007
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