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When its hot and sweaty and your ball-sack sticks to the sides of your legs. Forming a bat-wing. See also Half-Caf Batwing
Damn this NorCal heat, I've got a brutal Bat Wing goin.
by its426 October 22, 2003
Toilet Paper. Usually the cheap crap that they give you at work.
I had an awful case of Green Apple Quickstep but ran outta Shit Tickets.
by its426 October 22, 2003
When you're getting head after a long night of drinking and you barf on the girl's head while she's bobbing you off. Known as a Topeka Destroyer because it destroys the chances of you ever getting head from that girl again.
"So I guess we won't be seeing Stacey again."
"How come?"
"I gave her a Topeka Destroyer last night."
by its426 October 22, 2003
Squirty shits that often result in eating an Apple before its ripe. Usually come on quickly and without warning. Causing the victim to make a run for the nearest crapper.
Look at that stinky Pedro run, boy must have a case of the Green Apple Quickstep.
by its426 October 22, 2003
Surfing term. Perfect waves. They are Four Feet to Six Feet in height.
"Good morning board riders! Today we have a small offshore breeze and clear skies. Be sure to get off work because it's 4 to 6 at all the best spots."
by its426 October 22, 2003
To urinate on someone's face while it is covered in Saran Wrap.
The sick bitch wanted a Hot Carl but I only had to piss so she settled for a Warm Eddie.
by its426 October 22, 2003
When its hot and sweaty and your scrote gets stuck to your thigh, but just one side. Beeeyotch!
Damn this heat, I got a half-caf batwing goin'
by its426 October 22, 2003

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