A dirty ass bitch with crabs.
That bat cave's a crab infested spunk hole.
by Cockulous and Testocules April 24, 2009
Your place of residence you do not want to bring a fat, ugly or possible psychotic chick/dude home to fuck. cause they might just show up uninvited on day.
person1: so what are you going to do?

person2: I'm not sure I want to fuck, but there's no way I'm taking him/her back to the bat cave
by Zeal1 May 13, 2008
Slang for rectum.
Joe parked it in Wilma's batcave last night.
by Gieb Daddy March 11, 2003
Clevage of a woman.
Used for situations when code is needed like when you are out with the guys and your girlfriend. This term comes from 9th earth science connections. Clevage is a crack in a rock. A crack in a rock is a cave.
batcave... Batcave... BATCAVE...!!!! dude 10 'oclock check out the batcave.
by Captain Tanker February 01, 2008
the crotch area of a baggy pair of jeans, referring specifically to the wide open space where your nuts are free to dangle.
dude, skinny jeans suck ass. you've got your nuts all squished up in your skinny jeans, while my nuts are living in the fucking bat cave!
by freeballer1234 April 28, 2009
asshole, anus, or rectum, especially in relation to anal sex.
My boyfriend and I were fucking like rabid dogs and he totally slipped out of my va-jay-jay and went for the bat cave.
by Sunamy February 03, 2009
anal induced sex! tehehe...
"The batmobile is in the batcave;over"
by melisss December 28, 2003

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