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rude, like a vile pig.
that nasty bastard was very bastos.
by Freediver May 10, 2005
filipino word (tagalog adjective)

translated into english:
rude, impolite, not courteous, indecent, immodest, shamless, without shame.
Steve: "Did you see Henry grabbed that girls ass while her boyfriend was right there?"

Issac: "Yea that was a bastos move."
by GeneralManager March 27, 2008
Perverted. Pervert.
When I told her that my fantasy was to dress her up as Abraham Lincoln and watch her screw a pony with a strap-on she told me I was bastos.
by enamon March 12, 2010
filipino term for rude or disrespectful.
1."that Raul Mata is such a bastos today."
2."tangina that bastos sergio telemundo he/she is acting like a bastos!"
by setonioboy March 08, 2005