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4 definitions by setonioboy

Talkative down ass vato from the four "O" eight who is best described as too sexy. His species can be located in the deli section of any participating safeway. He/she goes by the names of "Don Vito" and "Raul Mata".
1.where sergio telemundo at?
2.whats telemundo's last name?
3.tell telemundo to come over here!
by setonioboy March 08, 2005
14 3
Used as a generalized term of reference, often as an intensive for inhabitants of so cal.
"Amanda is a socalsucka."
"That vietnamese socalsucka."
by setonioboy March 08, 2005
10 3
filipino term for rude or disrespectful.
1."that Raul Mata is such a bastos today."
2."tangina that bastos sergio telemundo he/she is acting like a bastos!"
by setonioboy March 08, 2005
36 48
to eat fish on a daily basis during the warm winter snow fall.
holla at yo boy.
yo dawg, i be hollering right now.
by setonioboy March 05, 2005
20 37