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filipino word (tagalog adjective)

translated into english:
rude, impolite, not courteous, indecent, immodest, shamless, without shame.
Steve: "Did you see Henry grabbed that girls ass while her boyfriend was right there?"

Issac: "Yea that was a bastos move."
#bastos #rude #shameless #bold #impolite
by GeneralManager March 27, 2008
acronym and adjective

pronounced: jaffy

Just Asking For It

usually pertaining to attractive females wearing short skirts and low cut tops or barely any clothing at all.

Henry: "Did you see tha group of girls in line at TAO night club?"

Steve: "Yea that chick in the brown dress was JAFI!"
#willing #victim #volunteer #voluntary #consenting
by GeneralManager March 27, 2008
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