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crazy, unsecure, frenzy
The crowd went bastic over the musical's opening.
by URBAN MAN October 15, 2005
Biggest hacker on GameBattles, also is a Typical smelly Pakii who's last name is Banger. Without Bastic's hacks on Mw3 he is porbs the worst player EU always dropping doughnuts.
Bastic would be on a 1v4 Clutch and he would Stop half way and presses start. Then go back the way he comes from.
by SinnyG December 29, 2011
1. A person who can be defined as both a bastard and a spastic.

2. A particuarly unpleasant person.
"That guy is a complete bastic"
by Da MofO MunKeE August 09, 2006

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