Bastard, with latin flair
that fuckin' bastardo just cut me off!
by Couch monster November 10, 2003
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An extreme bastard, of possibly spanish descent
Flak you bastardo, I keeeeeel yoouuu!
by FooQ March 30, 2005
Anyone and everything ever to have existed. Can be used to express extreme frustration with a person, object or situation. Best when pronounced with an Italian accent, a la Assassin's Creed 2.
He just cut me off! Bastardo!
That bastardo stole my donkey!
by screed February 17, 2010
adj. (1) Several people with whom you have an insurmountable amount of malice/discontent with.

(2) Many bastards with Latin flair.
Example 1:
The NYPD is full of bastardos!

Example 2:
Dammit the website said the store closes at 9. It's 8:45 and they aren't letting people in? The bastardos!
by yagami760 April 13, 2013
a noun, used to describe someone that's a bastard and a retard. It's used as in insult against idiots, and should not be used against mentally challenged persons who don't know their father.
Lucy: Ricardo, you fucking bastardo. I hate it when you queefmonger while I'm playing Call of Duty.
Ricardo: I wish you would pay attention to me. I queefmonger because I need love.
Lucy: Maybe I'd love you if you weren't such a premature ejaculator, you bastardo!
by Dykatami March 17, 2010
A generic slang term for a salty or cheesy snack; namely Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, or Combos.
The professor became irate at a student who sat in the front row loudly munching on a king-size bag of Bastardos.
by The Search Is Bound to Fail October 12, 2005
Another name for the annoying Ex that refuses to sign important papers i. e. divorce papers. Even after being given a year to do so.

Any self absorbed asshole who had you once, lost you, and attempted to c ~ block every guy away from you until he gets his way. With over exaggerated stories and BS.

Some one that watches (stalks) you from his computer and does not talk to you in public. i.e. See chicken shit!
Quit being a Bastardo and let it go.
by Antik~jtheory@fk0ffdotnet December 26, 2009

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