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is a guy, usually by the name of Steven, who will steal and corrupt your best friend. One day your tight like always, because best friends are always and forever. Then Steven will liquor her up and feed her reese's peanut butter cups to cover up the scent so no one knows thus tainting her fullest. You can only expect your friend to be driven away and never talk to you again there on after. Even if you were friends for 14 years.
Steven is a low life big fat bastardo.

She was fine until the bastardo had her drinking underage a lot and got up her ass so now she is a guy's girl.
by lesbobiracial January 24, 2010
someone who picks at everything on you while you're concentrated on something else at the moment, and then act like they have just dug up a bone and start eating at you. They will try to fight and tear you down.
Doggy style I was studying from my geography book before she started insulting me about how long I took for each page and I don't mind I had a head concussion.

Doggy style because she doesn't listen I had a head concussion and am trying to focus as she bickers about my bullshit.
by lesbobiracial January 24, 2010

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