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Stupid word made up by some reject.
Start saying "Bemdarg" as a curse. I want my word to spread
by Sean King of the World June 11, 2003
The extreme new word craze that's sweeping the nation! Created by the legendary wordsmith Eric.
It can be used in many ways to spice up a sentence and generally make the user sound super awesome.
"The fool hath said in his heart, 'There is no Bemdarg'". - Book of Bemdarg

"What? Bemdarg isn't a word." - Fools.

"Bemdarg is the greatest word ever." -
Everyone else.

"Holy Bemdarg!" - Awesome people say things like this.
by Little Bastad June 11, 2003
Those who pretend to be me shall surely perish.
I'll smite you, you filthy bemdarg. Don't sass me, asshat.
by Little Bastad June 18, 2003
Obviously, "bemdarg" is a secret code that has possessed an innocent, young Eric P. to spread around until the entire interweb knows of this horrid word. It sounds innocent enough, correct? Don't believe it. That's one of it's many tricks; decievement.

Our top scientists have already figured out who is behind this "bemdarg" madness. Fred Durst and Marshall Mathers. Who else would creep to such a low, despising level but them?

So what does it stand for? Prepare yourself...


That's the most of it. Researchers are still trying to decode the "R" and "G," but they've come to only a few conlcusions.





Most agree that the last, "Raging Goal," is most likely to be the end of the code. Their goal, however, is known: to terrorize and aak farm all.
Innocent Bystander1: Aak!
Innocent Bystander2: AAK!

Eric: *sobs* Bemdarg...
Innocent Bystander3: Aww...*offers hug to Eric*
Eric: *while receiving hug* BEMDARG!
Innocent Bystander3: AAK!
by Angel June 18, 2003
As a purely contextual word, Bemdarg is especially useful as a greeting or as a curse word. And yes, I created it, cause I rock.
Two friends greet eachother in a chat room- "Bemdarg!".
Screamed after dropping a building on your toe- "BEMDARG!".
by LittleBastad June 11, 2003
Don't worry. No one wants to be like you in the first place.

(Just kidding.)
Hi, I'm Eric, the biggest idiot ever.
by Angel June 20, 2003
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