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A person who turns up their music so loud you can hear the bass outside of the area it is being played, especially in your own apartment/house/car.
"Man, I got no sleep last night."
"The basstard who lives above me was at it all night with that obnoxious techno music."
"The basstard's still alive?"
"Then whose coffee did I poison...?"
#bass #tard #bastard #bass-tard #obnoxious #loud
by Darren C March 06, 2006
A Basstard is a douchebag who insists on turning the bass up very high when listening to music. The bass ends up drowning out pretty much everything else in the song and the music basically turns into mud.
What song is that idiot listening to? I can't tell because the bass is too high. what a basstard!

That basstard doesn't even know what he's listening to. It's all just an auditory mass of sludge. He spent a lot of money on his retarded car stereo system too. Just so that he can listen to mud and vibrate his car to pieces.

The basstard was musically retarded.
#bass #basstard #douchebag #musically retarded #loud #idiot #mud #sludge #sub #subwoofer
by CurvedMirror January 16, 2010
Another name for bastard..hence BASS-TARD
Look at that fucking bass-tard over there.
#bastard #bass #tard #basstard #imphasis
by Dustin..... July 23, 2008
Someone who must alway start a fight over getting to play the "Bass" over the "Guitar" when playing Guitar Hero, or Rock Band.

Also See Guitard
Joe: I am playing Bass, the Guitar is stupid so you can play it.

Mike: Quit being such a Basstard, We can switch every other song
#guitard #basstard #guitar hero #rock band #guitar #bass
by Gamewizard 546 September 21, 2009
better version of bassholetard; bastard combined with ass

a lot easier to say compared to bassholetard
That guy over there is such a basstard
#bassholetard #asshole #bastard #d-bag #faggot
by el tonto June 25, 2007
A person who is very good on a bass guitar.
"Dude Josh is a real basstard" (Pronounced base-tard)
#idk #i dont know #how do i know #hello #bye
by Eric Lopez March 09, 2006

a snappy (that i thought i invented:P) come-back to counter being called a gaytarist. (guitarist)we all know guitar is better than bass! ;)
example of using basstard in an every day musicians life

2 dudes sitting, followed by being bored and silent

dude1: oh my god ur such a dick
dude2: that was random....u GAY-tarist
dude!: WHAT??? guitar is better than bass man...ur such a BASS-tard.
dude2: ooooohhhh touche, mate, touche.
#bassist #guitarist #argument #come-back #snappy
by metal ninja May 30, 2006
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