someone that has a really low intelligence when it comes to music.there is more than one way one can be musically retarded,so here is how you know if you are:

-if you think that only music on the radio is "good music",
YOU are musically retarded.

-if you think that mainstream music > underground music
YOU are muscially retarded.

-if you listen to all mainstream pop,rock,counry and hip hop
stuff like:lady gaga, kelly clarkson ,beyonce, nickelback, hinder,kenny chesney,lil wayne,etc. and you consider bands like tool,porcupine tree,NIN and pink floyd "crap"??

YOU are musically retarded.

-also,if you consider all those mainstream bands

"more talented" than the other ones i listed...
YOU are musically retarded

if you think that distinct genres like progressive rock/metal sucks...
YOU are musically retarded

-if you call a bass a "guitar"..
YOU are musically retarded.

sadly enough,i don't think that i've covered all of the ways one can be musically retarded.but i'll let you do that work!!
my sister listens to only "hits" music and mainstream country(which isn't even really country music btw) and she tells me she wishes she could mute my "crappy" music (the bands i listed above,plus anyother sub genre of rock/metal,and a few other genres,which don't consist of the music she listens to)plus,she tells everyone i play guitar,even though i play bass.MY SISTER is musically retarded.

*and if you were wondering,i am NOT a fan of jeff faggot foxworthy.and my definition is NOT influenced by him.
by y2c June 15, 2009

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