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A sexual move performed by one's own or a lucky partner. The move is started by ones own hands conjoined to form a basket. This interlock of hands are then cradled around the shaft of a penis. The movement is a weave like fashion coining the term basket weave
oh shit my bitch basket weaved my dick last night

I got my basket weave on
by Crayton McDaniels September 21, 2009
9 3
1. two joins passed in daisy chain sequence.
2. a method of passing two lit joints that decreases idle burning time.

description: when in a circle of five or more the joint is passed forward then passed back after each draw without holding the joint idly.

"let's hit a basket weave"
"let's weave"
"let's basket weave"


two joins passed in daisy chain sequence.
by December 01, 2008
2 7