In the RC world, bashing is racing without rules or regulations. It is just driving and testing the limits of your RC car or truck. Bashing includes making high jumps and not worrying too much about the landing. Wrecks are not something to be avoided but rather something to laugh about.
Hey my white friend, we should totally do some bashing this weekend.
#bash bash #bash #rc bashing #hobby #recreation
by evolz October 18, 2009
1. process of which you fuck someone's skull

2. Fucking someone's brains out

3. Key = penis, keyhole = mouth
A: Dude I'm Bashing her tonight
B: make sure her jaw don't fall off
#bash #skull fuck #sucking #hardcore blowjob #smoking pole
by kyouzen July 17, 2008
Cruising, Parking, or otherwise just being on Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute, IN on a Friday or Saturday night because, as a dirty Hautian, you have nothing better to do.
Question: "Dude, did you go bashing last Friday?"
Answer: "No, I had to take my sister on a date."
#cruisn the bash #baching #bassing #rockin out #jackin around
by Allen Jonson July 12, 2006
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